Our Research

Wordeep is an online service that allows you to experience real-time auto-corrections in any text you choose to write. These corrections are automatically created in fractions of a second, as you type. Wordeep identifies mistakes such as grammar, spelling and contextual errors. Once an error is discovered, Wordeep will automatically underline the words associated with said error, presenting you with a solution by providing anywhere from one to four possible corrections. Once the suggestions are presented to you, you will have the opportunity to choose from the available corrections by deciding on the edit you feel is most appropriate in order to finalize the text you aspire to perfect. These steps make it possible for your text to remain written in your own personal writing tone while adding Wordeep’s professional writing touch.

Wordeep’s role in auto-correcting your writing is to put in maximum effort in recognizing the red flags your text presents. Your role is to remain the decision maker in the final product as you create the edits according to the corrections best suited for you. We believe that providing our users with creative input in the editing process allows for the best possible product in the final writing draft.

Wordeep’s artificial intelligence technology has multiple endpoints. Currently, you can use Wordeep either through our website, Gmail extension or mobile application. Additional endpoints will soon be introduced, as we are presently working on launching a browser extension that will allow Wordeep to proofread any text written within any website or word processing software our users choose to utilize.

There are two types of proofreading services available at this time. The first is a human-based proofreading service and the second is a machine-based proofreading service, also known as automatic proofreading. A human proofreading service may produce a higher quality of editing, assuming that the proofreader is talented and that no mistakes are missed; however, a machine-based proofreading service (also known as real-time proofreading) allows you to see results instantly with no unnecessary wait time and a reduced possibility of missed errors. Machine-based proofreading services provide you with the opportunity to be your own editor and have complete input over the final draft of your text, rather than allowing an editor to produce a final draft containing possible major alterations.

Creating a machine that understands the meaning (or the underlying meaning) of a text is a very complex task. Language is ever-evolving and is constantly changing through various determinants such as time and location. Our technology is built to tailor fit our users in order to provide them with the best corrections available based on multiple considerations. Taking into account that the same sentence can have multiple interpretations, we can understand the complexity of a computer generating writing suggestions for people of all professional backgrounds with various writing intentions. Through our constant drive to perfect this technology, our intelligent service has now made it possible for users all over the world to receive the highest quality of editing a computer can possibly offer with the click of a mouse.

Our approach to perfection is to allow Wordeep’s technology to study the laws of language by observing many texts that were previously written by real people. Our machines are then taught to autonomously proofread foreign texts by learning the key laws of writing through the texts studied. While the technology we’ve created is intelligent, artificial intelligence editing still occurs via robot intelligence, therefore the quality of the results cannot be identical to the level of quality that a human brain can produce. Nonetheless, as time passes, technologists are advancing in achieving a product designed to close the gap between machine-based and human-based proofreading.

You might ask yourself why Wordeep is superior to other popular online proofreading solution offerings currently on the market. Simply put, our benchmarks show that our technology is able to detect two to three times more errors than any of our competitors. There are many great solutions and well-known proofreading services currently out there, some of which carry a great product and whom create a close-to-perfect user experience. Nevertheless, we are confident that as you continue to explore Wordeep’s technology, you will discover the advantages we carry that allow us to confidently suggest our offering as one of the best services available in today’s market. In striving to create the best product and user experience possible, we aspire to team up with other proofreading services in the future in hopes of creating a one-stop-shop for online proofreading.

As time goes by, our service is and will consistently keep improving. In our efforts to provide the best possible user experience for you, we ask for your feedback as a crucial factor in recognizing where we can refine our service to be the best it can be. We encourage you to send us any feedback you may have through your experience with Wordeep, so that we may take it into consideration while creating the upgrades necessary for our service to improve. Your input will contribute to the joint effort of our community in creating the absolute best proofreading and grammar online service available today.

Yours truly,

The Wordeep team.